Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little things

It's the little things that make me happy. I often hear people say this, but it is usually dripping with sarcasm, cynicism, or as a means to belittle. I, on the other hand, feel great joy in the little things.

For example; my husband ran a Valentine's Day race in my honor, even though he was in another country at the time. He then sent me the run shirt as a gift. That simple gesture made my heart swell with joy.

Today I heard the birds singing and felt the sun shining just a bit brighter and warmer than it has been all Winter. I smiled with the knowledge that Spring is just around the corner.

After having a miserable day, a couple of dear friends were able to make me laugh and see better days ahead.

Each of these little things brought me immense happiness. They didn't cost anything. They weren't flashy and they didn't require much effort, yet the bliss I felt was pure and genuine.

Take the time to revel in the little things when you can for you never know when they may be a big thing in disguise.