Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ignorant people PISS me off!!!

I know there is a word or phrase to describe ignorant, closed minded, intolerant mother fuckers, but it escapes me at the moment.

People who were raised to believe that the world owes them something or is against them simply because of the color of their skin, income level or lack of education. And the worst part is, they are passing this bull shit mentality on to their children! If you WANT change MAKE change! If you want the world to treat you better then you need to DESERVE to be treated better! Don't pull that bullshit card out at every opportunity simply because YOU haven't made a better life for YOURSELF!!!

And if you want your kids to think differently TEACH them differently, SHOW them differently, make them BELIEVE differently! Don't let them spew the same ignorance that prevents progress. Teach them that if they WANT more they must DO more. Educate them both in school and at HOME. Raise them to be tolerant, open minded and to have pride in themselves.

People of all colors have hard times, fucked up childhoods, and obstacles to overcome. Why in the hell people want their kids to suffer their own mistakes I will NEVER understand. Can't they see that THEY are part of the problem??? Or is it that they do not care???

If you WANT respect, EARN respect. Don't believe you deserve it because of how "bad-ass" you can behave and how loud you can yell. You are not earning respect, people are trying to get you to shut the fuck up! You are not helping your situation, you are making yourself look like an ASS! Don't be a stereotype! Or better yet, help to CHANGE the stereotype!

Don't they get that????

Don't teach your children to see Black/White/Asian/Mexican. Teach them to see friends, and family. Don't teach your kids to call someone a racist, show them how to lead by example and be friendly to everyone. Don't teach your child to bully, instead teach them compassion and kindness. And if you can't teach them any of that at least teach them how to read so maybe they will eventually learn it on their own!

I never taught Christopher to call people black and white, I taught him brown and peach. Until today he didn't even know that "race" meant "skin color."

Race is NEVER a factor for us when it comes to choosing our friends. Neither is sexual orientation, income level, education or music preference. We chose our friends and family based on how people TREAT us. I understand that may be a difficult concept for some people to grasp, but that's all there is to it.

I am on this soap box because today Christopher asked me what "racist" meant. After I explained what it meant I asked why he wanted to know. He explained that a BOY who has been PICKING on HIM all week called him a racist. Let me repeat that... this little brat has been the one picking on Christopher, yet CHRISTOPHER is being a racist??? Whether color is a factor in the bullying I can not say. This boy does have brown skin. He is also a trouble maker in the class room. He has a group of trouble maker friends, who all also happen to have brown skin.

Why does this fourth grade child know this word??? Why are his parents teaching him this mentality, or at the VERY LEAST, NOT teaching it to him???
Are his parents of the ignorant-closed-minded-not-going-to-teach-their-children-any-better batch??? If so... why? I don't get it. It makes no sense to me and it PISSES me off.

I am so tired of people using race as either a trump card, pity party or excuse. It's NOT! If you CHOSE to be LOW CLASS, fine, but at least have the balls to call it what it is... LOW CLASS BY CHOICE.