Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank you's and updates

Since I posted about returning to the States several people have left me comments, and THANKFULLY they told me about the comment in another forum.

For MONTHS now I have been receiving comments and I had NO idea! When I moved to Bahrain I had to change my email address and even though I changed it for my Blogger account, I didn't realize I needed to change it for my email notifications as well.

For everyone who has left me a comment that I have not previously responded to... THANK YOU. I appreciate your kind thoughts, words of support and encouragement. I have now corrected the email address and will be able to respond when you actually LEAVE a comment, rather than six months later :D

Now, for an update on family life.

Christopher and I will be leaving Bahrain in one week. Chris is in the Navy, so he will be stationed here until December when his orders are up. He can not move until that time. Christopher and I will not be able to return before December, so once we leave, we will be gone for good. Chris is planning a trip home sometime this summer so that we can have a few weeks together mid way through our time apart.

I am not happy to be leaving, but I have accepted it and I am looking at it from a positive perspective. I am going to miss everyone here, but I am looking forward to many things back in the States as well.

I am going to make the most of the time I have left here in Bahrain and make as many memories as possible <3

We had a cookout and family game day with friends and family and we are planning to do it again next weekend. Today I am hanging with my cousin's wife (they are also stationed here.) She is interested in art journaling so I am passing on lots of the supplies I will not be able to take with me and we are going to the art store to get her a journal :D

Tonight we will all be taking a trip to the pet store to help the cousin's find new puppy goodies.

It's going to be a good week <3